Theartofmann - the catalog 1999 - 2010

The paintings in this section are a selection of pieces that span my career starting in 1999, when I first set down to create a painting with the intention of showing in a gallery and selling. That piece was later featured in a group exhibition at the Edward Hopper House in New York and then sold.

My work is created through a collage technique I have been homing over several years, along with acrylic paint and a variety of stains, glazes, and "homemade” pigments from dirt and ash. I collect printed materials (magazines, newspapers, etc.) from a wide range of places and time periods, as well as personal materials (notes, mail, etc.) and wood and other objects from family land and combine them based on their "feelings". These materials touched and created by man are through their creation given a piece of their creator, or in the instance of a newspaper article and other written materials the power of the awareness of the people who read it. I use combinations of these materials to create intricate landscapes that are very deeply rooted in my personal experience and emotional state while painting. The subject matter of landscapes is used because of the ability to represent vast areas of space. Each piece represents a space for the viewer to enter and explore, decoding the meanings behind combinations of clippings and colors, challenging the viewer to understand the association between juxtaposed elements and phrases. I am constantly motivated by a need to create these new worlds, the past, the struggle to communicate to as many people as possible, and my ties to the world and place in it.