For nearly 25 years, I have been developing a mixed-media collage technique; a unique style of painting and mixture of layered materials (old newspapers, magazines, dirt, leaves, wood, burlap, etc.) to create textural landscapes rich with mathematically associated meaning. Dreams, riddles—puzzles heavily researched, full of esoteric symbology. All the while documenting, photographing, creating digital libraries of clippings, images, finished works and processes. Two years ago, I began working digitally, iPad and pencil—learning NFT—launching and selling out collections (dEmon_scribbles OpenSea and eVolves objkt), experimenting, finding my place in this burgeoning economy. Now I am ready to explore more encompassing works, expanding my mixed-media collage technique into digital painting—using my entire catalog of physical works as layered materials. Combining, reworking, associating different and sometimes opposing elements—meanings—binding them together with digital painting, creating spoken word sound collages to compliment and contradict the pieces. Building stories and worlds to decode and explore. The following five pieces are the culmination of my experimentations as a mixed-media collage artist: my current evolution…
To date, the most complete expression of my vision.

A Legion of Horribles

Borrowed Eyes With Which to Sorrow

The Truth About The World

A Lone Tree Burning on the Desert

The Olds Ones Are Gone Like Phantoms
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